of play

Playing games using visual schedules and verbal cues. These games and motor skill activities prepare the student to play tennis at a basic level. We are focusing on following routines and instructions as well as socialization with peers.

Ability to follow the routine including the warm-up. Students will learn the basic stroke forehand and backhand through different motor skill techniques.
Students will learn the different areas on the court through various games. We will be working on increasing the student's reaction and anticipation skills.

Ability to follow the routine and warm-up. Playing games and learning how to play with a peer using the mini-tennis format. Successfully execute over 50% of groundstrokes.
Learn to direct the ball in different directions. We will be working on rallying the ball over the net with peers preparing them for match play in level 4.

Ability to position themselves on the court to play a game. have insight on where the ball should be in accordance to the instruction. Work on increasing the ability to learn to play with a peer. The student will have successfully learned how to execute the correct groundstrokes 80% of the time
Students can maintain a standard rally using height, directions, distance, speed, spin in a controlled manner. Students will understand and communicate on how to play a point and transition themselves to play a match.


Our 5 areas
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Find Motivation

Gain Focus

Get Moving


Make Friends